Natural Autumn Makeup Look

Sunday, 4 October 2015

This soft and natural makeup look was inspired by the stunning Gressa Lip Boost in Regal* (review), a dark red-slightly brown colour. Perfect for autumn. I wanted to be all matchy-matchy so I used it on my lips and cheeks. I was so pleased with the end result that I had to take some pictures. You can see the makeup I used on the photo bellow, if you are interested in a certain product, do let me know. I'll only mention one other product and that is the Real Techniques Duo Fiber Contour Brush. You see, the lip boost is a creamy product and to achieve a natural, well blended look on them cheeks I always use this brush. Bristles aren't too dense, they are quite sparse but the brush picks up just the right amount of product and blends it seamlessly. I never get that nice application with my fingers, so if you're also struggling with that, then definitely pick up this brush. :)
That's all for now, hope you enjoyed this autumn look. Maybe my next one will be more heavy on the eyes, we'll see. :)

Have a lovely Sunday,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided

Kahina Giving Beauty Serum

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The last day of this September is reserved for another chic product with black packaging, the stunning Kahina Giving Beauty Serum*. Lately it seems I've reviewed quite a lot of luxury, high-end products and this one is no exception. All you green beauty lovers out there probably know this brand and how Katharine, the founder, fell in love with organic argan oil on her journey through the Moroccan desert. You can read more about her story here, but let's just say she was very much inspired by the Berber women who extract the argan oil and they played a huge role in creating Kahina Giving Beauty.
Kahina Giving Beauty Serum, Natural, Organic
I didn't check every single Kahina product, but I think it's safe to say that the majority of Katharine's products are based on the wonderful Argan Oil. That is also the case with their Serum, an aromatic blend of organic essential oils that brings necessary nutrients to rejuvenate skin and protect against signs of aging. Talking about aromatic, this serum contains Ylang Ylang, Chamomile, Neroli, Lavender. The scent is calming, light, which I really like, and floral. The flower that really comes through is chamomile and its scent reminds me of my first more luxury green beauty products. I love that, I find it so nostalgic. Those products were from Suki, which was one of the few green brands available in our stores. You know I actually met with a Suki representative in one of our health stores and was so impressed that I had to buy two products that I thoroughly enjoyed. Uf that was a long time ago now, more than five years. For all my Slovenian babes (European too), I saw that Suki skincare is now available on Ecco Verde. So yeah, I love the sutble and delicate chamomile/floral scent. These essential oils and some other ingredients are in a base of Organic Argan Oil, which is fortified with Organic Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil, Organic Pomegranate and Coffee Oil. Now don't they sound lovely?
Serum claims to provide protection to the skin while repairing tissue damage, reducing hyperpigmentation, stimulating cell regeneration, preventing moisture loss and calming irritated skin. Even though the serum is meant to use as a night treatment, I've been also using it as a day treatment. But like I always say, if it contains Lavender, be careful not to expose yourself to the sun too much. After a month or so I haven't seen a major difference in my skin. Being said that, I still very much enjoy using this oil. I can't explain, but there is something in this oil that's calling my name. Maybe the fact that it's so expensive and that I don't want it to go bad. :) No but seriously, it's moisturizing, non clogging, calming too, but to be perfectly honest, not as much as is the Odacité Ca+C Serum* or Gaia Creams Oat & Amaranth Serum*. It also works well at reducing hyperpigmentation, but again, not as quick as some other oils. Which I find totally normal because some oils are particularly designed for one problem, when this one is a very good all-rounder. I think it just needs a little bit more time to work its magic. The more I'm writing this the more I have a feeling I'm not giving it the love it deserves. I think my expectations were too high but with some products and brands that just happens, I can't help myself. :)
To sum up this review, the serum smells nice and floral, it's moisturizing, quickly absorbed into the skin and has some pretty amazing ingredients that are a treat for my skin. It's surprisingly lightweight, a great oil to use as a base for makeup, contains loads of antioxidants and all that is packaged in a gorgeous, chic glass bottle. Luxe, if you want just one word for it. It doesn't provide an instant visible difference in a minute, well if you ask my friend, she would disagree with that, but for me it's one of those products that needs time to truly show how great it really is. In the end, I still really like using it and would love to try some more Kahina Giving Beauty products. 

You can buy it at Petal & Post where you receive 15% off your total order when you enter discount code 
loveliness4YOU-summer15 at checkout (good through to midnight October 31, 2015).

What are your thoughts on Kahina Giving Beauty and their products? Any gems I need to know about? :)

Much love,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided

Henné Organics Luxury Lip Balm

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Če me spomin ne vara, že nekaj časa nisem pisala o negi ustnic. Priznam, da imam ogromno, veliko preveč, balzamov za ustnice in niti sanja se mi ne zakaj jih imam toliko. Dobra reč pri tem je, da jih vsak dan uporabljam in si tako domišljam, da se kolekcija zmanjšuje. Saj se, a zelo počasi. Pri vseh negovalnih balzamih za ustnice se na koncu tudi zelo težko odločim kateri je moj najljubši. A eden izmed njih je nedvomno zelo razkošen balzam iz ekološko pridelanih sestavin - Henné Organics Luxury Lip Balm*. Že samo ime nam pove kaj lahko pričakujemo in dobro ime ima, poleg embalaže, na nas lahko velik vpliv. Ali pa ga ima le name?
Henné Organics Luxury Lip Balm Kot rečeno, balzam vsebuje nekaj čudovitih, ekoloških sestavin, kot so avokadovo, kokosovo in jojobino olje, čebelji vosek, karitejevo in kakavovo maslo ter vitamin E. Vidite lahko, da vsebuje meni zelo ljube sestavine, sestavine, ki se odlično razumejo z mojo kožo, sestavine, ki so izjemno vlažilne in hranljive. Balzam diši po kakavovem maslu in ja, diši krasno, ter ima tipično teksturo masla, ki se ustnicah krasno razmaže. 10 ml izdelka se nahaja v steklenem, črnem lončku in čeprav imam raje "navadne" balzame v "običajni" embalaži, je Henné Organics balzam tako lep, da se nanosa s prstom niti malo ne branim. Seveda ga zato uporabljam le doma, ko vem, da imam čiste roke. Zaradi svojih izjemnih vlažilnih in hranilnih sposobnosti, ga zelo rada uporabljam predvsem ponoči. Zjutraj se tako zbudim z mehkimi in nahranjenimi ustnicami. Na embalaži sicer piše tudi, da ga lahko uporabljamo na suhih predelih telesa, na rokah, komolcih, petah, jaz pa ga poleg nege ustnic, nadvse rada nanesem tudi na obnohtno kožico. Super je!
Luxury Lip Balm Henné Organics
Z balzamom za ustnice ameriške znamke Henné Organics sem zelo zadovoljna in ga toplo priporočam! Stvar, ki vam morda ne bo pomenila toliko kot je meni, a jo moram vseeno omeniti je ta, da sem v dar prejela ne le enega, temveč kar dva balzama! Kako radodarno!<3 Drugi je šel v roke na ustnice moje prijateljice, ki je mimogrede tudi več kot zadovoljna z njim. In to z njene strani res nekaj pove, ker je redko, da ne rečem nikoli, zadovoljna z balzamom za ustnice. Na voljo tukaj.

If my memory still serves me well, then I'm right in thinking that I didn't write a post about lip care in a while. To tell you the truth, I have a lot, like a lot, of lip balms! I don't even know how I managed to get so many. But I did and that's that. :) One good thing about this whole situation is that I use a lip balm every single day. My collection is getting smaller but in all honesty, it doesn't, because I always seem to get a new one. And I don't care because I love them. Being said that I can't decide which one is my absolute  favourite but I love some more than others. One of those is the Henné Organics Luxury Lip Balm*. Well, the name says it all, it's luxury and beautiful. And let me tell you something, besides a gorgeous packaging, a good name is everything.

Like I said, the lip balm contains wonderful, organic ingredients, like Avocado, Coconut and Jojoba Oils, Beeswax, Shea and Cocoa Butter and vitamin E. You can see that it contains some ingredients that I absolutely adore, ingredients that work so well on my skin, ingedients thar are very moisturizing and nourishing. Balm smells of Cocoa Butter and yes, it smells delicious, good enough to eat. It has that typical balm consistency and applies like a dream. 10 ml of a product comes in a black glass jar and although I much prefer the "usual" lip balms in their "usual" packaging, the Henné Organics balm is just so beautiful that I don't even mind that I have to use it with my finger. Because of that I only use it at home, when I know my hands are clean. The balm is so hydrating and nourishing and is the perfect nigh balm. When I use it, I always wake up with soft and nourished lips. You can also use it on other dry areas of the body, such as hands, elbows, heels, but I love using it on my cuticles. Works great!

I'm really impressed with this lip balm and I highly recommend it! A thing I would also like to mention, which probably won't be as exciting to you as it was to me is that the lovely Laura, the founder, sent me, not only one, but two lip balms! So generous!<3 My beautiful friend got the other one and she loves it too. Actually, she adores it and that is saying something because she only loves a particular homemade lip balm. Not a crucial part of the review, but a thing I just had to tell you. :) Get it here.

Jana xx

*sample generously provided

At-Home Spa Break

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Love me a good spa night and I'm sure you do to, so why not share my latest de-stress routine with you. Before a bath, which is quite a necessary step for having a wonderful relaxing spa night, grab a good book, a pad or a phone if you want to catch up with your favourite youtubers. I have one suggestion for you - Genuine Glow. The gorgeous Lilly started making videos and they're great! Babe, if you're reading this, I hope you make some sort of a makeup look soon, would love to see that. :) Another thing you have to do before a bath is to remove all of your makeup and dirt from the day. Then you are ready.
Before hoping into a bath, first I like to apply a moisturizing mask. Honey mask is my definite favourite. Especially the Eucalyptus Honey mask which I get at my local store Müller. You can read all about my love for honey here, let me just tell you that your face will be super soft, moisturized and calmed. I usually leave it on for as long as I'm enjoying my bath, probably around half an hour.

A couple of weeks ago I was reading Liz's gorgeous blog and in this post she was talking about a certain bath product. My curiosity got the better of me and I ordered it. The product I'm talking about is the Sudsatorium Night Cap Bubble Bath. The scent, oh my, the scent. It's so fucking amazing!<3 I don't want to give too much away, let's keep that for the actual review, but it smells sweet and kinda zingy at the same time. It reminds me of coffe, chocolate, citrus fruits, Coca Cola, Cockta, it's just heavenly! I'm intrigued by Sudsatorium products and their unique scents. I have their Holy Molé Lip Balm* which also smells great. And has a fun neon orange colour. :)

After a bath it's time for a body scrub. Lately I've been really liking the Inner-Soul Organics Scandinavian Decadence Bath and Body Salt Scrub*. Now that's a mouthful. This scrub has the perfect sized particles that super effectively remove all the dead skin cells and make the skin very soft and smooth. Another big plus goes to the little wooden scooper that I forgot to include in the photo, but it makes the whole process so easy. I hate if I have to put my fingers into a jar of scrub, I always get some water in there and that's not a good thing, especially when it comes to natural, oil based scrubs. One thing I'm not the biggest fan of is the strong, invigorating scent, which I would describe as "foresty". It's a juniper-based scent and I'd even call it masculine. But it goes perfectly with the name - Scandinavia has lots of coniferous trees and juniper is one of them.

Even though the scrub is moisturizing, it contains some great oils like Jojoba, Rosehip and Grapeseed, just to name a few, I always apply a body oil after a bath. Lately my oil of choice has been from a Slovenian brand Zeliščni vrt Cvetka (Herbal Garden Cvetka), the Organic Herbal Body Oil with Lemon Balm*. I'll keep it short because I will write a review, but it has a fresh lemony / herbal scent, a very handy packaging and it's just so hydrating. I find that body oils really are the best after baths and evening showers.

Last but certainly not least is the facial skincare routine. This is probably one of my most luxurious routines, at least it seems like that to me. After washing off the honey mask, I freshen up my face with some rose water and apply a beautiful oil - the Kahina Giving Beauty Serum*. I've been loving this oil serum, it's hydrating, fast absorbing and it also has a nice scent of chamomile, which I find calming and relaxing. After the serum comes my favourite step which involves that funny looking thing on the bottom of the photo. That is a product I've been dying to try out for the longest time and about two or three weeks ago I finally caved in. It's the Ying Yu Jade Facial Roller, a beauty tool which is described like a regular gym workout for your face. I heard some great things about it but I wanted to try it because of its great effect on lymphatic drainage. I will let you know more when I properly test it out, so far I'm liking it and the fact that it also improves the circulation and increases the oxygen supply to the face, thus enhancing the general bloom and radiance, also doesn't sound bad. Not bad at all!

Much love to you,

Jana xx

*samples generously provided

Heartwood Soy Wax Candle

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Ste že preizkusile sveče s sojinim voskom? Ne? Sojine sveče so ena izmed alternativ parafinskim svečam, parafin pa je seveda izdelan iz nafte. Amm, fuj! Večina sveč je narejenih iz parafina, le ta pa pri gorenju povzroča visoko toksična benzen in toluen (tudi v večini lakov za nohte), ki sta znana karcinogena. Pravzaprav so toksini, ki nastanejo pri gorenju parafinskih sveč isti toksinom v izpušnih plinih dizelskega goriva. Pa zakaj jih potem sploh izdelujejo iz takih sestavin?! Joj sploh ne razumem zakaj nas takšno sranje sploh obkroža?! Ah. Sintetične dišave v teh svečah pa mi včasih povzročijo še glavobol. Saj nič ne težim, upam pa, da vsaj katero, ki sveče uporablja, spreobrnem v nakup tistih, ki so bolj prijazne okolju in zdravju. Proti sem tudi svečam iz palmovega olja, saj nasadi palm uničujejo deževni pragozd in s tem živalski prostor raznolikim vrstam živali in rastlin. Več pa si lahko preberete tukaj.
Dobro, po tem kratkem "rantu" gremo zdaj lahko naprej. Z velikim veseljem vam predstavljam angleško znamko Heartwood Candle Company in njihove ročno izdelane 100% naravne sojine sveče. Sveče so letos dobile prenovljeno embalažo, ki je mimogrede čudovita, in za mojo prvo sojino svečo sem si izbrala Jasmine, Mandarin & Grapefruit* vonj. Kot že rečeno, sveča je izdelana iz sojinega voska iz obnovljivih virov in ekološko pridelanih eteričnih olj in vlita v kozarec iz prozornega in kvalitetnega stekla. 

Jasmine, Mandarin & Grapefruit sveča ima čuten, topel vonj. Ima močan cvetlični vonj po jasminu, rahlo zaznaven, sladko svež vonj po mandarini in citrusen vonj po grenivki. Čeprav nedvomno prevladuje vonj jasmina, je kombinacija bele cvetlice in obeh agrumov krasna in unikatna, kar kaže na dobro poznavanje aromaterapije. Naj tu opozorim na močno koncentriran vonj sveče, ki me je prvič kar malo vrgel na rit. Priznam, da mi je bil vonj premočan, a pri prvem gorenju se je moje mnenje takoj spremenilo! Sveča oddaja čudovit vonj, ki niti malo ni premočan ampak prostor čudovito osveži in odišavi. Mmm.<3 Všeč mi je kako lepo sveže in cvetlično zadiši, ko pridem v prostor, kjer je sveča prižgana. Oh kako si želim, da bi obstajal "scratch and sniff" gumb, da bi jo lahko povohale.
Sveča je sicer namenjena poletnim nočem, jaz pa jo najraje prižigam prav v tem času, na prehodu iz poletja v jesen. Verjetno zato, ker se od poletja niti malo ne želim posloviti! S svečo sem nadvse zadovoljna in zelo se veselim dejstva, da gori približno 25 do 30 ur, kar pomeni, da jo bom imela še nekaj časa. Yay! Zelo me zanimajo še ostali vonji in mislim, da bi se morala znamka razširiti še na izdelovanje parfumov. Naj omenim še @heartwoodcandle Instagram profil, kjer si med drugim lahko ogledate kako sveče sploh izdelujejo in Lauro, soustanoviteljico in izdelovalko sveč čez dan in bobnarko čez noč. :)
Za konec lahko rečem le še, da svečo priporočam vsem ljubiteljicam jasmina in cvetličnih vonjev. Tukaj pa si lahko ogledate še njihove druge vonje. 

Have you tried soy candles? No? Well, soy candles are one of the alternatives to regular scented candles made of paraffin wax, which is a petroleum waste product. Yuck! Most candles are made of paraffin wax, which when burned creates highly toxic and known carcinogens, benzene and toluene. In fact, the toxins released from paraffin candles are the same as those found in diesel fuel fumes. Toluene is also found in majority of conventional nail polishes. Why the hell they even make products with stuff like that?! It's cheap, I guees. I'm so annoyed with all this shit surrounding us. Ugh! Besides that, I sometimes get headaches with those candles and their synthetic fragrances. I don't like being a smarty pants, even though sometimes I can be, so I'll rather finish. I hope that I at least turned someone around to choose environmentally and health friendly candle. Oh and I'm also against palm oil candles, because palm plantations are damaging rainforest and its natural diversity. Where will the orangutans live then? Just read this post if you want to learn more.

After this quick but necessary rant I can now move forward. With great pleasure I introduce you to a beautiful English brand Heartwood Candle Company and their hand made, 100% natural soy candles. Candles got a makeover this year, which is btw absolutely stunning, and for my first soy candle I chose Jasmine, Mandarin & Grapefruit*. Like I said, made with sustainable soy wax and the finest organic essential oils, these candles are packaged in glass jars and luxury recyclable gift boxes. They're just so darn pretty, don't you think so?!

Jasmin, Mandarin & Grapefruit Candle has a sensuous and warming scent. It has a strong, floral scent of jasmine and a very light, sweet and fresh scent of mandarin and citrusy scent of grapefruit. The jasmine scent is definitely the strongest, but the combination of pretty white flowers and both agrums is so lovely and unique which definitely shows a great expertise of aromatherapy. Let me warn you here, the candle has a strong and concentrated scent that threw me off a bit when I first smelled it. I didn't except such a strong scent but immediately after I first used it, I feel in love with it! Candle gives such a beautiful, inviting scent, it fills the room with a fresh and floral scent. Delicious.<3 I wish there was a scratch and sniff button so you could all smell it.

This candle is described as a wonderful candle for summer nights, but I like to use it right now, at the end of summer or should I rather say in the beginning of autumn. Probably because I don't want to say goodbye to summer! I'm super pleased with the candle and I'm even more excited about the approximate burning time of 25 - 30 hours, which means I'll probably have it for a while. I want to try their other scent as well and I also think they should expand into making perfume oils. At the end I would just like to mention the @heartwoodcandle Instagram account where you can see candle making process in the action and the ever so lovely Laura, co-founder and candle maker by day and drummer by night. :)

I highly recommend this Jasmine, Mandarin & Grapefruit candle to all jasmine lovers and lovers of floral scents. If that doesn't sound like something you'd like, then you should definitely check out their other candles here

Jana xx

*sample generously provided

Think About It

Saturday, 19 September 2015

I wasn't planning on writing a blog post today, but I was so inspired by a video my gorgeous friend sent to me that I just had to share it with you guys. It's not new (it was actually published on my birthday last year!) so some of you may have already seen it but for those of you who haven't, I highly encourage you to watch it. And then check out their other videos too! They are so beautiful and breathtaking. The video gave me chills so that's why you need to see it too. So go ahead and watch it and then let me know your thoughts and feelings on it.
Much love to you, have a great weekend and I hope you were moved by this video as much as I was. <3

Jana xx

*photos from Conservation International videos

Mirati Hand Cream

Friday, 18 September 2015

Mirati je slovenska znamka naravne kozmetike, ki vsebuje sestavine, ki kožo navlažijo, ji nudijo zaščito, jo ohranjajo zdravo in uravnoteženo. Izdelki so brez parabenov, sintetičnih dišav, SLS in ftalatov. Niso testirani na živalih, niso pa najboljša izbira za vegane. Glavna sestavina vseh Mirati krem je namreč ghee oziroma prečiščeno maslo, bogat vir antioksidantov, ki upočasnjujejo staranje kožnih celic, zmanjšujejo gubice in izboljšujejo elastičnost kože. Druga glavna učinkovina, s katero imam veliko več izkušenj, je aloe vera. Saj vas verjetno večina pozna to čudovito blagodejno rastlino, ki je v poletnem času izpostavljena predvsem kot odlično blažilo pri sončnih opeklinah. Kombinacija prečiščenega masla, aloe vere, organskih eteričnih olj in drugih naravnih sestavin se sliši fino in moj prvi vtis o Mirati kozmetiki je super.
Mirati Hand Cream, Moisturizing Ghee Based, Krema za roke
Naj vam torej predstavim Mirati Kremo za roke*, s prijetnim in svežim vonjem po pomaranči. Izdelek ima krasno teksturo kreme, ki rahlo meji na losjon. Je ravno prav gosta oziroma redka, zelo lahka in kar mi je najbolj všeč, izjemno hitro se vpije v kožo. Je ena izmed tistih krem, ki so nadvse primerne za delo z računalnikom, saj ne pušča nobenih mastnih sledi. Poleg tega za svojo lahko teksturo kožo zelo dobro navlaži, kar se ne zgodi pri vseh hitro vpojnih kremah. Zelo mi je všeč, ker se na koži komaj zazna in včasih celo pozabim, da sem jo sploh nanesla. In to mislim v dobrem smislu. :) Ne gre tudi pozabiti, da gre za slovenski proizvod, kar je vedno super. Negovalna kozmetika je sicer izdelana v Indiji, iz kjer prihaja tudi ghee. Sestavine kreme so kar dobre, niso pa najboljše kar sem jih kdaj videla. Zdi se, da je več takih sestavin, ki bi jih poimenovala kar »filerji« oziroma polnila, kot pa dejansko odličnih sestavin, kot so rastlinski izvlečki, olja in masla. A glede na to, da gre sicer za krasno kremo za roke, me to niti ne moti preveč.
Mirati Hand Cream
Mirati Krema za roke
Moram reči, da sem s kremo zelo pozitivno presenečena in kot piše na embalaži, je popolna za vlaženje in varovanje kože. Pa še embalaža je okolju prijazna in ekološko zasnovana, saj vsebuje polovico manj plastike, kot jo lahko najdemo pri podobnih izdelkih. Priporočam, na voljo tukaj (imajo tudi brezplačno poštnino). :)

I'm not sure if you've heard about this brand before so let me introduce you a Slovenian brand Mirati. A natural brand with hydrating products that take excellent care of your skin. They are paraben, SLS, phthalates, synthetic fragrance and cruelty free. Not vegan though beacuse their main active ingredient is Ghee or clarified butter. Ghee is rich in antioxidants which slow down skin aging process, minimize fine lines and improve skin elasticity. I haven't tried products with Ghee but I did try products with Aloe Vera, their second active ingredients. You are probably familiar with this beautiful plant that is mostly known for its cooling and soothing properties. The combination of Ghee, Aloe Vera, Organic Essential Oils and other natural ingredients sound nice and my first impression of this brand is great.

The first product I had a pleasure to try out is the Mirati Hand Cream*. It has a very pleasant and fresh scent of oranges and a super lovely texture. It's like the perfect consistency of a light cream, almost a lotion but still a cream. What I love the most about it is that it's quickly absorbed into the skin and therefore a wonderful hand cream for working on a computer. I'm glued to mine, so I need a cream like that. :) It doesn't leave an oily residue on the skin, it actually doesn't even contain any oils or butter, except ghee. Did I mention the light texture? And that it's moisturizing? I love that it sinks in completely and I actually don't even feel it on my skin, if you know what I mean. Think about that in a good way. It's not drying but at the same time you don't even know that you're wearing it. So lovely. I also love the fact that it's from a Slovenian brand, I would love it even more if it was also made here. It's made in India and certified organic Ghee also comes from there, by the way. Ingredients are quite nice, but not the the most stunning I've ever seen. I'd describe most of them as "fillers" and I wish there were more plant extracts or oils, shea butter. Nonetheless I still really like it.

I have to say I'm very pleased with it and like it says on the packaging, it's perfect for moisturizing and protecting dry skin. And the packaging is also environmentally friendly and fully recyclable - made with 50% less plastic than similar products. I recommend it. Get it here.

With love,

Jana xx

*sample generously provided


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